Atomic and Molecular Diagnostic Processes in Plasmas


A general program for the calculation of atomic & ionic energy levels, radiative rates, autoionization rates, photoionization cross sections, plane-wave Born and distorted-wave excitation cross sections in LS- and intermediate-coupling using non- or (kappa-averaged) relativistic wavefunctions. These can then be further processed to form Auger yields, fluorescence yields, partial and total dielectronic and radiative recombination cross sections and rate coefficients, photoabsorption cross sections,and monochromatic opacities, to name but a few.


o INSTALL contains generic installation instructions.

o FAQ contains answers to some frequently asked questions.

o WRITEUP contains an easy short guide to running the codes.

o UPDATES contains details of the latest updates to the codes.


o AUTOSTRUCTURE: source code (serial asdeck.f95 and parallel pasdeck.f95).

o Data: sample input files (

o Post-processing: source codes e.g. adasXX.f, where XX = DR, RR, PI, PE, plus much more.

o Fitting codes: source codes for fitting DR and RR rate coefficients.

o Run script (C-shell) for automated work: run_PP where the process PP (=DR, RR, PE, PI) is defined in the script.


o Atomic Data from AUTOSTRUCTURE.

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